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About is a webpage of kabalak M.T. (Meydane-i Teşebbüs) . It presents you a portefeuille of themes,scripts,ideas & non-sense . And I'll try to make all my scripts and programms and possibly peyoe available in all important package formats .
Besides the .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 (src&bin)-packages all packs will be available in the rpm package format and in slp format ! I'll pack also debain packs but my system is rpm-based , so I'm keen on your debian uppacks as far as I cannot test them on my won system !!
kabalak is a little village in Beşikdüzü which is a little city in the district of Trabzon in Turkey where some ancestors of mine had lived in further centuries ! That's the meaning and sense of the name FOR MY PAGE !

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