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About is meant to be a useful tool for you all who are making and packing Window Maker themes . You can make real good and Rstyled READMEs and with the screenshot which is generated automatically you can goto and upload your theme onto it . It has got now packages in all important packages since R 0.3.6+ :

RPM Format || DEB Format || SLP Package || Tar.gz and tar.bz2 packs

As it is a script it does need some programs to work proper ; needs the following programs to work right :

Rstyles The Rstyle files describe to how the README should like . They follow a very simple formatting :


X is the fill char which is used to fill the lines and the free spaces.


The line described in the "s is the header lien for your theme-README.


This line , also included in "s , describes the footer.
This is a Rstyle! It follows the rules of a shell-script , that means that comments are made by # on each comment line. You can also have a common header and footer with :



Of course all Rstyles have to have the .Rstyle ending ; doesn't complain if this isn't so , but you shouldn't use .XYZ as ending . It would confuse the rest of systematy I have got in mind .

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